Fgm Prevent

Pit &Fissure Sealant

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Prevent Sealant creates a waterproof, flat, and smooth barrier, preventing the buildup of plaque and preventing the demineralization of surfaces with pits and/or fissures.

  • Prevent is a light-curing resin sealant for pits and fissures that assists in preventing caries in posterior teeth by forming an effective mechanical barrier against plaque accumulation on the occlusal surface.
  • The sealed surface favors hygiene through a more homogeneous topography and less recesses that could retain food. Furthermore, the incorporated fillers provide greater resistance to wear and longevity to the resin, while the embedded fluoride acts in parallel to prevent caries.
  •  1 syringe with 2g
  • • 5 applicators tips
  • • Instructions for Use
  • • Available in tinted colors or opaque white
  • • Sealant with ionomer fillers

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