Dentsply Sirona Sensor- Xios Xg

Intra-oral sensor

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XIOS XG Select is a better and cheaper version of the new intraoral sensors from Sirona. This is a very economical solution for modern intraoral x-rays as it has an especially long product life due to easy-to-change cable that can be replaced by the users at their practice. It provides high return on investment, Great image quality and DIY cable replacement options. It has three sensor sizes and these sensors can also be equipped with an optional WiFi module that facilitates an optimal workflow with wireless image transfer.

Sensor sizes

  • Size 1: Single tooth images for smaller adults, patients with a shallow palate and bitewings for larger children.
  • Size 2: Adult bitewing and single tooth images.


Used to produce images immediately on the monitor post-exposure.


  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Good image quality
  • Easy-to-change cable
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Xg Select Size-1, Xg Select Size-2

Easy cable exchange

  • In the event that a cable gets damaged, you can change it completely in-house and within minutes. Replacing cables is as simple as loosening two screws, saving time and guaranteeing no lost productivity while protecting your investment.

33 Ip/mm theoretical resolution 

  • Image clarity is the most cited technical factor for quality imaging. The outstanding image resolution is essential for defining edges, identifying caries and other defects. At 33 lp/mm theoretical resolution, Xios XG Select delivers industry-leading resolution and quality.

High dynamic range

  • Dose sensitivity and subsequent data processing are of essential significance for the achieved image quality. This sensor is much more resistant to fluctuations in exposure parameters. Even in lower dose ranges, more details become visibly evident.

Clear, reliable imaging

  • It produces a high level of clarity, sharpness, and detail in your digital radiography. Clarity is the most cited technical factor for quality imaging. The outstanding image resolution is essential for defining edges, identifying caries and determining the number of other various indications during your patient examination.

Simply inspiring imaging

  • The Xios XG intraoral sensor provides industry-leading theoretical resolution. For consistently crisp, detailed images, no other digital sensor can compare. Featuring bold bone trabeculation, crisp lamina dura and a clear, clean DEJ, clinicians depend on Xios XG’s superior image quality to meet their diagnostic needs. This intraoral sensor brings an unmatched level of clarity, sharpness, and detail to digital radiography.

Your own system on your own terms

  • Built on a modular platform, Xios XG offers you the flexibility to customize digital imaging solutions that fit your practice. With broad choices in everything from sensor sizes and cable lengths, to USB or WiFi connectivity, you can pick the most appropriate technology for your needs. In addition, all platform components are designed for compatibility and easy integration with many practice management programs. Therefore, you can keep up with changing requirements as they arise, without having to change your whole system. In addition, that means you can protect your investment for years to come.

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