Eighteeth Medical Fast Pack Tips For 3D Obturation System (Pack of 3)

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Tips for 3D Obturation System

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Eighteeth Medical Fast Pack Tips For 3D Obturation System

INTERNALLY HEATED TIP: It is internally heated tip which the Smartest, Safest and most Sophisticated. In this only the working end of the tip is heated which avoids need for insulated sleeves. The non-working end is insulated internally and stays cool which makes it comfortable for patients and also saves battery. There is a safety cap where the tip’s non-working end is plugged into the device which makes it safer to use while changing tips.

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  • To remove excess gutta percha when performing lateral condensation technique, preparation of an immediate endodontic post space, or compact gutta percha to prepare for warm gutta percha injection techniques for 3-D root filling, internal heating of NaOCl
  • Uses heat to cut, soften, down pack and compact the root canal filling material.  It is an integral part of the warm vertical condensation technique.
  • Effectively and tightly compacts and provides hermetic sealing of all canals including lateral canals.


  • A continuous tapering funnel should be present from the root canal orifice to the root apex.
  • Root canal should be prepared so that it flows with the shape
  • Shape of Apical foramen should not be changed or moved.
  • Apical foramen should be kept as small as is practical so that excess gutta percha will not be forced through it during vertical compaction.
  • COMPATIBLE with Pen Handpiece

Comfortable holding feeling,Easy to control during operation


  • Step 1: Preparation -gutta percha point
  • Step 2: Prepatration -hand plugger: Prepare 2-3 plugger to compact gutta percha ,mark root canal length by rubber stopper.
  • Step 3: Preparation -pen tip: Select proper pen tip for root canal
  • Step 4: Dry root canal: Dry the root canal using paper point
  • Step 5: Select the gutta percha point.
  • Step 6: Mark the length of pen tip
  • Step 7: Insert gutta percha point: Coat 3mm from the tip with sealer, insert in to root canal with pumping action
  • Step 8: Removal of excess gutta percha: Cut the excess gutta percha by pen tip.
  • Step 9: Heating & insertion: Heat and insert pen tip with gutta percha to 4-6mm short of the working length
  • (NOTE: High temperature mode is recommended for this step because of too much gutta)
  • Step 10: Compaction: Stop the heating and maintain the pressure about 10 secs
  • Step 11: Removal of pen tip: Removal after heating the pen tip for 1~2 seconds to avoid gutta percha come out with pen tip
  • Step 12: Compact: Compact the warmed gutta percha with the plugger.

(NOTE: Its proper to use low temperature mode because of less gutta)



  • Only the working end of the tip is heated — avoids need for insulated sleeves
  • The non — working end is insulated from within and stays cool — making it comfortable for patients and also saves battery
  • Safety cap where the tip’s non — working end is plugged into the device — safer for you while changing tips


1 x Obturation sytem tip small

1 x Obturation sytem tip medium

1 x Obturation sytem tip large

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