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Ammdent Easy Stat

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Haemostatic Agent

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Easy Stat is a 20% Ferric sulfate Haemostatic Gel


  • Provides effective tissue management when completing impression, restoration, crown & bridge procedures.
  • Medium Viscosity gel, will not flow on to surrounding tissue
  • As a medicament in Pulpotomy: Used as a pulpotomy medicament to control pulpal bleeding in vital pulp therapy
  • As an antibacterial agent: It not only exhibites hemostatic action but also has antimicrobial activity. Antibacterial efficacy of it is similar to 0.2% chlorhexidine.
  • During restorative procedures: One of the most common chemical hemostatic reagents used in the restorative dentistry.
  • For gingival displacement in prosthodontics: It is used for tissue displacement and it would be maintained for at least 30 min.
  • Management of postextraction hemorrhage: Not widely used to control postextraction hemorrhage; however, it may offer assistance with mucosal tears or uncontrolled postextraction hemorrhage in gingival tissues
  • As hemostatic agent used in periradicular and endodontic surgery: Control of bleeding during any surgical procedure is imperative and can be achieved by practical and effective systemic or topical approaches.
  • Epinephrine pellets used either alone or in combination with a Ferric Sulphate-soaked pellet are effective topical hemostats when applied in the bony crypt under light pressure. Aluminum chloride alone or in combination with Ferric Sulphate (Stasis) appeared to be the most efficient hemostatic agent to control the bleeding during periapical surgery.


As a 20% solution, Ferric Sulphate is a coagulative and hemostatic agent which forms ferric ion-protein complex on contact with blood

  • It seals the damaged vessels mechanically, thus producing hemostasis, and the capillary orifices are occluded by the agglutinated protein complex, which prevents blood clot formation
  • It causes a local and reversible inflammatory response to the oral soft tissues
  • The recommended application time is 1–3 min and should be placed directly against the damaged tissue due to its quick action
  • Solutions of Ferric Sulphate above 20% are highly acidic and may cause considerable tissue irritation and postoperative root sensitivity.


1 x 3 ml Syringe

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