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Voco Die Silicone – Cartridge 50 ml


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Chairside fabrication of indirect composite inlays

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This die silicone is an addition-curing silicone for the extraoral fabrication of dental models. Indirect composite restorations can be fabricated chairside on this silicone model.


  • Complete set for chairside fabrication of 15 composite inlays
  • full added value retained in the practice, no laboratory involvement
  • Highest-quality, perfectly coordinated components



  • Easy and convenient to fabricate, even for large multisurface restorations
  • Fabrication of a row of inlays for treatment of neighbouring teeth
  • Creation of approximal contacts without having to use the time-consuming and expensive matrix technique
  • Perfect occlusal anatomy – modelled extraorally
  • Stress-free fabrication of tooth-coloured and durable restorations, even in patients who are reluctant to comply or non-compliant



  • Store at 4 °C – 23 °C.



  • 2 x 50 ml Cartridge
  • Accessories




  • Insert the cartridge into a type 2 VOCO dispenser or comparable dispenser.
  • Due to technical reasons there may be slight differences in the fill levels of the two cartridge chambers prior to initial use. In such a case, remove the cartridge cap and carefully extract material until it is delivered evenly from both openings.
  • Then attach a type 20 mixing tip and lock with a 90° turn clockwise. The material is extruded by pressing the lever and is automatically mixed in the correct ratio.
  • After use, do not remove the mixing tip from the cartridge.
  • Replace the used mixing tip with a new one only immediately before the next application.
  • When changing the mixing tips, check the openings of the cartridge to ensure that the material can flow freely.


  • To fabricate a cavity model, or a model of an individual tooth or several teeth, first take an impression of the prepared area with an alginate.
  • Silicones or polyethers cannot be used for this purpose.
  • Clean and dry the impression in the usual way.
  • Ensure all drops of moisture have been removed as these will lead to artefacts in the model and thus in the restoration.
  • Then filltheimpressionwiththediesiliconewithintheworkingtime.
  • Beforeuse,discardthematerial(roughlythesizeofabean) that is initially extruded from the mixing tip. Starting at the deepest point, place the material directly into the impression and fill the cavity from the bottom upwards leaving the tip immersed. When applying the material, ensure that it flows evenly to avoid air bubbles.
  • Working time at room temperature (23 °C) is at least 30 seconds.
  • Higher temperatures reduce and lower temperatures extend the working and setting times.
  • The completed silicone model can be removed from the impression 4 minutes after commencement of mixing.
  • After the material has set it is extremely hard, enabling you to start modelling the composite restoration immediately.

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