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Prime Dental Composite Kit


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Prime Dental Hybrid Composite Kit is a restorative kit containing composite resin, etchant, and a bonding agent . 
The material can be condesed into the cavity preparation up to the enamel/dentinal joint as a base layer or be filled to the cavo-surface margin for a complete self cure composite restoration. They are also superior to microfilled composites
  • For class iii and class v restorations.
  • For limited use in class i restorations in premolars.
  • Selected class iv restorations.


  • Prime Dental Composite Kit is Highly filled, self- curing, resin hybrid.
  • Used in both anterior and posterior composite filling material.
  • It is convenient universal shade, paste/paste system.
  • A quick setting eliminates time spent with the incremental placement of light cure materials.


  • In syringes form with bonding system
  • Type-2 composite
  • Radiopaque

Key specifications

  • Hybrid Composite.
  • Enamel Bonding Adhesive.
  • Prime Dent Etchant.
  • The restorative has high strength (270 MPz compressive).
  • Low water sorption and solubility.

Particle size- 0.4- 1.0 micrometer

what are resin-hybrid composites?

it contain two kinds of fillers- colloidal silica and heavy metal glasses in order to obtain better surface smoothness than that provided by small particle composite.

They are also superior to microfilled composites


  • 7 x 4.5gm Syringes (1xA1, 2xA2, 1xA3, 1xA3.5, 1x B2, 1x Incisor)
  • 1 x Bond 7 ml
  • 1 x Etchant 7.5 ml
  • 1 x Applicator tips

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