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Tooth Jewellery

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Operation process:

  • Clean the teeth area
  • Etching tooth area
  •  Rinse and dry the tooth area
  •  Embrocate the bonding agent to the surface, after 20 seconds blow it thinner.
  • Drip and drop of flowing resin( better use transparent color) on the adhesive area(the following resin will keep in the releasing condition).
  •  Stick crystal accouterments on the tip of the needle-like structure with wax or plastics.
  •  Some enamel agents need to be converted on both the bottom and the edge of dental accouterments by using a small brush, then put the dental accouterments on the tooth surface by slightly pressing it.
  •  Appropriately adjust the placement of the dental accouterments you have put on. In order to get the best condition please remove the redundant enamel agents and resin with small brushes( in order not to affect both the beauty and the cover of the whole accouterments, please not only ensure the edge of the whole accouterments but also not to cover the other surfaces)
  •  Polymerize with light for the 60s
  •  Check if it meets the requirements, here, a probe will be used to explore the dental accouterments.
  •  Remove the needle-like structures and polish the dental accouterments surface.
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