Acteon Satelec P5 Newtron XS

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Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Generator

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  • It preserve teeth with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and stell tip quality.
  • Combining the benefits of powerful Newtron® technology in the state-of-the-art control module and the ergonomics of the patented Satelec Color Coding System, the P5 Newtron® provides the best performance and the widest choice of ultrasonic instruments available in the marketplace today.
  • The Newtron technology enables real-time adjustment of the tips’ single plane oscillation amplitude (Cruise Control™) which means a smooth, constant and powerful vibration during treatment
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  • Large-capacity tank (300 mL) for sterile water or special irrigation solutions (such as saline solution, NaOCl, CHX)
  • Intelligent NEWTRON technology for the optimal frequency and perfectly controlled, linear oscillation of the tip Automatic power regulation based on the resistance
  • No fine manual adjustments necessary
  • High-precision application
  • Painless, tissue-conserving treatment
  • Largest selection of tips on the market with more than 70 different tips for any indication area
  • Unique color coding system for easy power selection with each tip LED light handpiece for more power, better visibility and greater working comfort

Colour coding significance:-

  • GREEN:-  Low power, low amplitude, delicate treatments: Periodontics
  • YELLOW:-  Medium power, medium amplitude, precision treatments: Endodontics
  • BLUE:- High power, high amplitude, intensive prophylaxis: Scaling
  • ORANGE:- Very high power, maximum amplitude, special procedures: Prosthetics and restoration

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