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Glass Ionomer Cement


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Dentsply ChemFil Superior is a fast-setting glass-ionomer restorative material consisting of a blend of aluminosilicate glass and polyacrylic acid. The powder is mixed with distilled water to produce a filling material that adheres to dentine and enamel producing tightly sealed, strong and esthetic restorations.


This material is suitable for use in:

  • Class V lesions and cavities
  • Class I and II cavities of deciduous teeth
  • Class III cavities
  • Temporary and semi-permanent restorations
  • Fissure fillings (minimal Class I cavities)


  • Direct or indirect pulp-capping
  • Permanent restoration of occlusal stress-bearing areas.


  • 1.Adhesion to dentine… that matters in the long-term Develops the desired adhesion and establishes a true, permanent bond to hydroxyapatite even under the moist conditions of cavities close to the gingiva. Excellent adhesion of ChemFil® Superior allows a conservative approach to restoration because minimum cavity preparation is required when carious lesions are restored. Restorations with ChemFil® Superior are long-lasting and durable.
  • 2. Proven long-term fluoride release.
  • 3.Pleasing aesthetics for more demanding patients
    ChemFil® Superior facilitates superior color match to surrounding enamel,
    resulting in pleasing aesthetics; moreover, its color remains unaffected by oral
    fluids in the long term.
  • 4.‘Snappy’ setting
    ChemFil® Superior maintains a constant viscosity during manipulation and
    placement, and quickly turns into a rock hard mass at the end of the working time;
    this ensures safe and fast restorative treatment.
  • 5.Practitioner friendly
    The easy-to-mix behavior of ChemFil® Superior hand-mix allows a high powder
    loading for extra mechanical strength and aesthetics.


1 g powder contains:

  • 0.84 g x Aluminium-sodium-calcium-fluoro-phosphoro-silicate
  • 0.15 g x Polyacrylic acid


Working Time:

  • The working time from start of mix is approximately 2 minutes

Setting Time:

  • The setting time from end of mix is 2 to 3 minutes

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