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Unicorn Denmart US 1400 Extra Oral Suction

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Remove potential infection & virus in your daily practice

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Why do we need extraoral:

Most of the dental treatments require dental instruments, such as high and low speed handpiece,ultrasonic scaler, polishers and so on. During the working of these instruments, the combination of compressed air and water is vaporized during the circulation process, generating aerosols and droplets. They will stay a long time within the range of 1-2 meters around dental chair, stomatological department and pneumology department are the most at-risk susceptible population.

Two suction units in clinic:

Extra-oral suction: It is used to remove all water mist and splashes outside the mouth, to filter and disinfect, and to protect the environment and medical staff.
Patients would be more comfortable.
In clinic there are two types oral suction device: Intra-oral suction, Extra-oral suction.Dynamic dental extra-oral suction DS1000: With strong suction vacuum pressure and large flow rate, the aerosol between doctors and patients is sucked into the machine through the free arm, and it will discharge with a complete purification inside the unit.

Intra-oral suction: It is mainly used to absorb water mist, saliva,
blood, pus and so on.Negative vacuum pressure suction device, the strong and weak suction for the dental chair, and movable suction device. (Dynamic DS50, DS0,DS30, DS3701 series)


Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Power 1250-1350VA
Noise ≤65 d B
Pumping rate ≥3m³/Min
Max Vaccum -20kpa
Amount of negative ions ≥100 million/m³
Amount of positive ions ≥80 million/m³
HEPA Grade H13 ≥99.970.3μm
Dimension 320x320x840mm
Net weight 36kg

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