SS White Inverted Taper Finishing Bur-12 Blades #7303 (Pack Of 5)


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Inverted Taper Finishing Bur-12 Blades

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Finishing Finishing Burs are specifically designed for the shaping and finishing of all dental materials.A smoother, more aesthetically pleasing surface can be achieved with carbide finishing burs as opposed to diamonds for most restorative materials. Carbide burs should be used to trim and finish macrofilled composites and hybrid composites. Grinding & polishing diamonds should be used to trim and finish microfilled composites. Coarse grinding tools leave behind striations; fine and extra fine diamonds are suitable for finishing.



Twelve bladed finishing burs provide a smooth finish on composite, amalgam, enamel, dentin, ortho debonding and other dental materials. Designated by the 7000 series #. Ideal for controlled contouring and finishing.

Egg shaped Bur:

This shape may be used for the contouring and finishing of occlusal and lingual surfaces. SS White egg shaped finishing burs are also useful for occlusal adjustments on anterior and posterior teeth.

Needle shaped Bur:

This shape is excellent for contouring and finishing off:

  • Interproximal margins
  • Occlusal margins
  • Facial Surfaces &
  • Cavosurface margins

Composite Facial Trimmers:

The SS White CFT (composite, finishing and trimming) burs are ideal for the contouring and finishing of restorative materials subgingivally, cavosurface margins and facial surfaces.The straight bur helps to avoid concavity when finishing composites.



  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Laminate Veneers
  • Amalgam/Composite restorations

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