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  • LuxaBite is a bis-acrylic based self-mixing bite registration material.
  • It offers barely discernible resistance to the jaw occlusion of the patient.
  • As such, a reliable bite registration of the occlusion is guaranteed.
  • A detailed recording of the occlusal relief and the high end hardness simplify the precise positioning of working and counter-bite models.
  • COMPOSITION :- Glass filler material in a matrix of multifunctional methacrylates. Free from methyl methacrylate and peroxides.
  • INDICATIONS :- Bite registration, fixation of impression posts or transfer caps for implant impressions.
  • ADVANTAGES :- Hard, harder, LuxaBite! The hardest among all bite registration materials is based on the innovative bisacrylate formula.
  • Its thixotropic properties prevent the material from running into interdental spaces, and its superior final hardness (Shore D-69, or Barcol 25) eliminates compression or flexing when mounted to facilitate precise bite registrations.
  • Even implantologists appreciate the material’s advantages and use LuxaBite for the fixation of multiple impression posts to obtain torsion-free implant impressions.
  • And, besides LuxaBite’s stability when positioned on the model, dental assistants also value the conveniently easy excess removal with a dental burr.
  • After all, the material should be hard, not the work.


  • One of the hardest VPS-based bite registration materials.
  • Superior break restistance.
  • Fresh fruity orange scent.
  • Minimal bite resistance.
  • Fast-curing.


  • 1 x 50 ml Cartridge (Dispensing Gun & Tips Compatibility :- 1:10) 15 x Automix-Tips.

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