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COLTENE FILL-UP (Dual Curing Bulk Composite)

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  • IN A SINGLE STEP TO GIVE A PERFECT RESULT! Fill-Up! is a dual curing medium viscous bulk composite of the newest generation applied in a single step.
  • It combines the advantages of resin-based composites with a simplified and time-efficient handling.
  • Owing to its dual curing properties, fillings with Fill-Up! can be administered in arbitrary filling depth without the need of an additional covering layer.
  • Faster than the conventional increment technique More economical than the two layer bulk fillings.
  • Composition: Dental glass.
  • Amorphous silicic acid.
  • Methacrylates, Zinc oxide.
  • Indication-Class I and Class II fillings.
  • Cavity linings.
  • Core build-ups.
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A2, A3


  • Arbitrary filling depth.
  • Minimised shrinkage stress.
  • Optimised marginal seal. One layer.
  • Universal colour, fluorescent and radiopaque.
  • Contains zinc oxide.
  • Fast and easy procedure.
  • Fast:Immediate fabrication of the filling is possible, as Fill-Up! is light-cured for just 5 s.
  • No top layer necessary, thanks to outstanding mechanical properties.
  • Universal shade (VITA™ A2–A3) provides excellent self-blend properties.
    Working time 1 : 00 min
    Setting time (incl. working time) 3 : 00 min
    Flexural modulus : 7.260 Mpa
    Flexural strength : 109 Mpa
    Water sorption 19 µg/mm3
    Water solubility  0.7 µg/mm3
    Radiopacity 2 mm AI
    Vickers hardness 51 HV
    Volumetric shrinkage (acc. to Watts) 3.30%
    Compressive strength  289 MPa Ø
    Filler particle size :  2 µm
    Filler content by weight : 65%
    Filler content by volume 49%
    Density  1.8 g/cm3
    Working time 1 min
    Setting time (not incl. working time) 2 min
  • Fast and simple automix application.
  • Perfect:Minimal shrinkage stress.
  • Optimal marginal sealing with the matched ParaBond bonding agent.
  • Easy to polish to a high luster.
  • Attractive aesthetics under all lighting conditions thanks to fluorescence.
  • Contains zinc oxide.
  • Deep:Dual-cure.
  • Self-curing, independent of layer thickness Cures even with very deep cavities.

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