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DIADENT Diapex Plus

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Temporary filling material

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  • Temporary root canal filling material after pulpectomy.Ideal for the treatment of imfected root canal and vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth.
  • Diapex is used in root canal filling therapy in either temporary or permanent procedures.
  • The addition of Iodoform to the Calcium Hydroxide improves radiopacity and adds an antibacterial agent to the paste.
  • Diapex stimulates hard tissue formation and apexification.
  • Diapex is also recommended for treatment of traumatic injuries and cases of root resorption.
  • The premixed paste is packaged in a convenient syringe, which eliminates mixing and provides an ideal vehicle for application to the root apex.
  • Diapex may be used in conjunction with Gutta Percha and regular canal sealants.
  • COMPOSITION:-Calcium Hydroxide 30.3%.Iodoform (purest grade) 40.4%. Silicone Oil (Medical Grade) 22.4%.Inert 6.9%
  • INDICATIONS:-Temporary or permanent root canal treatment.
  • Vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth.
  • Apexification and Apexogenesis.
  • Stimulation of apexification and hard tissue formation.
  • Traumatic injuries.
  • Root resorption treatment including primary teeth.


  • Easy techniques – Saves time and money Eliminate messy time-consuming mixing! Silicone oil based calcium hydroxide paste is pre-mixed with iodoform in a convenient pre-filled syringe.
  • Tips are pre-bent to ensure excellent canal accessibility.
  • This ensures shorter chair time and increases patient comfort.
  • Quality of ingredients-Made in USA, Diapex is made from the purest grade iodoform, increasing Diapex’s bacteriostatic and radiopacity properties.
  • Silicone oil ensures complete coating of canal walls and it never hardens so that calcium hydroxide remains active in the root canal, stimulating apexification and apexogenesis.
  • It also allows for ease of manipulation and has superior flow characteristics.
  • Quick and simple application Premixed paste eliminates messy mixing, packaged in a convenient syringe.
  • Excellent accessibility to apex; plunger type placement improved radiopacity.
  • Excellent antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties.
  • Promotes apexification and apexogenesis.


1 x 2gm Syringe

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