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D-TECH Twist Lite Bracket

Twist Lite Bracket

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Innovation :-  Twist self ligating system is a result of the latest innovations in orthodontic treatment. It has new advanced features that allow your dentist full control during all phases of the treatment from starting to finishing stage.Low profile and rounded edges ensures great patient comfort. The fastest way to a great smiles.

Life a busy and time is valuable. The D-Tech Self ligating systems allow for fewer appointments,freeing up your time. Also, since the brackets are designed for quick and easy wire changes, it makes each visit to your orthodontist’s office shorter than with traditional braces.

Hygiene :- During the treatment, it is critical to be able to maintain excellent oral hygiene.Self ligating systems eliminate the use of rubber bands to hold the wire in place.Thus eliminating one of the biggest food traps that can cause calcium and plaque guild-up. Smooth contours make them easy to clean.

An added benefit of self ligating brackets is that their design and size make it easy to keep your teeth clean.A quick swish with water or mouthwash is good enough to wash away all the food stuck in your braces without much trouble.

Less pain :- Traditional braces must tie the wire in with elastics,causing friction and pressure.This can be less comfortable and might often slow down the treatment process.Self ligating systems use an in-build cap,eliminating the need for rubber bands creating a much more hygienic environment for your mouth.Teeth align faster and with less pain than traditional braces.

Traditional Braces more often require extraction of healthy teeth to make space.This approach is uncomfortable and can leave you with a narrow smile.Self ligating systems can often avoid extraction and result in full and natural smiles.


  • Low profile
  • Super accurate MIM
  • Innovative hidden hook
  • FDI code on face of bracket
  • Easy locking & unlocking
  • Can be ligated like conventional bracket


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