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Orthodontic Implant Model

Ortho model

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Orthodontic Implant Model is an ideal way of learning & explaining Orthodontic implants

Orthodontic Implants have been one of the advancements in orthodontics for treating malocclusions and to prevent the loss of anchorage

Objective of Orthodontic Implants:

In the orthodontic process, gentle, constant pressure must be applied to the teeth that need to be moved against the other teeth which serve as the anchoring unit. The anchoring teeth must be completely stable, because their role is to assist in moving crooked teeth until the final objective of straightening the tooth is achieved. Most of the time, the side effect is the movement of the anchoring teeth, a phenomenon called “loss of anchorage” in the mouth. This problem can be solved with the orthodontic implant technique.


  • This model is an ideal way of learning & explaining Orthodontic implants
  • Detached mandible and maxilla with teeth structure
  • Demonstrates maxillary sinus structure


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