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API Diamond Burs -Straight Ogival End / SO Series

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Diamond Bur

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API Diamond Burs Torpedo Shaped/ SO

API Diamond coated bur with Torpedo Shape or Straight Ogival End.

Color Coding –

Color Code indication is provided at the end of working part  ( )  , according to the size of diamond grit confirming to the specification.

Indication –

  • Crown Preparation.
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So-20, So-21, SO-22


  • Fine quality Diamond Burs
  • Efficient cutting


  • H in bur code stands for Extra Coarse
  • C in bur code stands for Coarse
  • S in bur code stands for Short
  • F in bur code stands for Fine
    • H in Bur code stands for Extra Coarse.
    • C in Bur code stands for Coarse.
    • S in bur code stands for short.
    • F in Bur code stands for Fine.
    • Pressure – 20 to 50p for all the instruments.
    • Diameter – 010 .
    • Grain – Super fine.
    • Recommended Speed – 160,000 – 300,000 rmp.
    • Cutting Surface length: 10 mm
    • Overall Length: 19 mm .
    • Diamond plated shank.
    • Stainless steel.
    • Bur Tip – Torpedo shaped/Straight Ogival End.
    • Non- Cutting Extremity.
    • High Quality Control.

    For Dental Use only.

    • Insert the shank into the hand piece according to the instruction of the hand piece manufacturer.
    • Insertion should be the full length.
    • Before use run the instruments to make sure there is no decentering.
    • If the instrument become bent, be sure to remove them from any further use.
    • Please always use spray.
    • A plentiful water supply is necessary to maintain long lived performance and also prevent lodging and pulpitis.
    • Handle with care.
    • Pressure should be 20 to 50p for all instruments with diameter up to 023.
    • Use below max. allowable rmp of each instrument.
    • Avoid Levering, Tilting, Twisting and Jamming motion.
    • Do not work with a pulling motion.
    • Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200 degree including drying process.
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